Three tennis generations. I was born in a family of tennis players, my grandfather, my mother and my elder brother, all tennis coaches. After playing in the professional circuit, when I was 17 I realised that my real vocation was coaching. I had important work experiences in the best world academies of the USA, then my brother and I decided to found a tennis academy which reflects our best values:




Our philosophy is to create a life plan around this sport and its values, to give our athletes the opportunity to combine an intensive training with personal programmes developed during the year. The aim is to extend this project to all the sectors, from children to adults, from amateurs to professional players.

Our instructors have to be coaches who support you in a personal and tennis growth.


Bartolomeo Caravelli

Director of Caravelli Tennis Academy




L’Academy is located in Savona, in two different places:

Via Scarpa

Via Rusca

Via Garbarino, Albissola Marina

There are:
– 6 tennis courts in Savona (5 indoow in winter) and 2 tennis courts in Albissola Marina, in partneship with ASD Alba Docilia
– A gym
– Athletic training area
– A traning wall
– Club house in both the locations
– Changing rooms
– Ball machine