Our tennis camps offer a specific technical training for each session, with a particular attention to the service at the beginning and to the game at the end, focusing on its mental and tactical side. An intensive physical training is provided paying attention to the injury prevention and to the essential aspects of the game: resistance, speed, coordination, agility.

The programme and the equipment vary accordingly to the age and the different levels (balls, dimensions of the court, net height, physical and mental techniques)

We offer a personalised and intensive programme for all the ages and goals, a schedule designed for determined players ready to learn and absorb the most important values of this sport

– from 3 to 5 sessions per week
– physical training
– personalised programme
– mental training
– assistance offered during the best tournaments
– individual lessons

A training programme for boys and girls who want to start playing tennis, oriented towards competing or becoming good players through a suitable and extremely detailed pathway thanks to the FIT Junior Program.
– One / two sessions per week
– Physical training
– Italy System Program
– Travelling coach service for the FIT Junior Program
– Individual lessons

Epycondylitis? Golfer’s elbow? Hurt shoulder? Most of the times pains are caused by a wrong technical performance of the strokes. A programme based on the biomechanics of the shots offers the possibility to improve your technique, to preserve your body and increase the number of training sessions per week, for all ages and levels.

– Courses for adults
– Possibility to rent the court
– Group / individual lessons

A training programme for the youngest children, including the idea of game, the technique and the coordination.

– Since 4 years old
– 1-2 sessions per week

A training programme promoted by an expert graduated in Physical Education, to improve the coordination.
– designed for under 11
– once a week